Global Payments

MonFX Pay is a fully integrated online payment platform, built specifically to streamline and execute the delivery of international payments.

Streamline FX payments

Our corporate cross-currency payments service benefits clients that regularly send and receive funds in foreign currencies. By streamlining international FX payments, corporate clients can increase operational and cost efficiency across the business. Our automated, individual and batch payments service enables clients to pay overseas suppliers and invoices more efficiently, manage global payroll, and make multi-currency payments in over 60 different currencies across the world.

Security of client payment instructions

MonFX Pay enables clients to trade same-day, tomorrow and spot contracts, while related cross-border payments are made with speed, accuracy and securely using SWIFT.

Audit trail

Clients stay in control of all FX movements on their online account. MonFX Pay provides a comprehensive audit trail of all transactions instructed via payment confirmations, a full trading history and activity reports.

User preferences within MonFX Pay

Clients can securely and efficiently manage their bank account details, payment beneficiaries and individual MonFX Pay user permissions. Users can create and manage approvals as well as multi-user authorisations via MonFX Pay.

24/7 FX market access

Clients have 24/7 access to the latest market movements via MonFX Pay platform. With updated information and transparent pricing, clients can make informed decisions on their business’ FX-related payment requirements.

MonFX Pay key features

Monitor the status of live and historic FX trades and view reports

Instruct new FX trades and onward payments to third-party recipients

Filter by FX trades, add and edit beneficiaries and create onward FX payment instructions

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